Fieldbus / Profibus “Protocol Aware” products for ultra-low latency applications.

M2M dynamics is becoming the global leader in the design and manufacturing of wireless radios that support a wide range of applications in the mining, oil and gas, electric, water/wastewater, public safety, traffic, and rail markets. We’re experts in narrowband, wideband, and spread spectrum technologies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network architectures. M2M has in-house expertise as well as strategic partnerships with top equipment vendors and service providers to offer the most optimal solution for your wireless monitoring and control application. Wireless Profibus DP Modem and Wireless Profinet applications.

DE – 1000 Series, Serial Cable Replacement

DATAEAGLE 1000 Series Radio used for serial interfaces RS232, RS485, TTY with 2400 to 115200 Baud full duplex. The radio transmission link behaves like a virtual cable.

DE – 2000 Series, PLC Radio Link

DATAEAGLE 2000 Series Radio data system modems with integrated protocols and fieldbus interfaces for the S7 controls as well as external I/O modules.

DE – 3000 Series, Wireless PROFIBUS

The DATAEAGLE 3000 family was developed for transparent wireless PROFIBUS connections. DE3000 works like a cable and no timing changes required in the PLC.

DE – 4000 Series, Wireless PROFINET

DATAEAGLE 4000 Wireless Industrial Ethernet Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Solutions.

DE – 5000 Series, Siemens Wireless MPI

DATAEAGLE 5000 Series provides transparent MPI connection by radio. Specifically designed for Siemens OP control devices and/or programming the S7 over radio.

Industrial Grade Transparent Data Transmission for AMR, AMI, Industrial Control and Sensor Applications.


M2M Cellular Radio

Transparent cellular radio modem with 3 serial interfaces supporting RS232, RS485. Analog and Digital I/O Signal Communication. Supports GSM, CDMA 3G/4G Networks.

M2M Serial P2P and P2MP Radio

Transparent radio with 1 serial interface supports RS232, RS485. Speeds up to 19,200Baud. Available in 433MHz, 400-470MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz.

M2M Serial MESH Radio

Transparent radio with 1 serial interface supports RS232, RS485. Speeds up to 19,200Baud, Available in 433MHz, 400-470MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz.

M2M Industrial Wireless Sensor

Industrial Grade Wireless Mesh Sensor designed for the harshest environments. Ideal for Oil & Gas industries.

M2M Satellite Communication

Low-power remote device monitoring and control. This revolutionary remote Ethernet port uses the new BGAN M2M Service that keeps monthly costs dramatically lower for low-bandwidth SCADA, M2M or any other TCP-IP capable device.