M2M Satellite Communication

M2M Satellite Communication

Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Satellite Terminal
All-IP Based Machine-To-Machine (M2M) BGAN Terminal

The Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal, a fixed site, real time, high-speed satellite terminal, uses the BGAN M2M service, and was designed for remote M2M or SCADA monitoring and control. The new M2M service does not bill for overhead data related to establishing or reestablishing a connection to the BGAN satellite network, keeping service costs extremely lower than traditional BGAN services for low-bandwidth applications. The always on and keep alive options are absolutely perfect for low-power, remote device monitoring and control or M2M communication.


  • IP Watchdog Option – This unique feature has the terminal “ping” an external IP address. If “ping” is not successful, the terminal will automatically reboot itself.
  • “Always On” – When a connected device communicates through the 9502, the data will be sent. No special wake-up operation is needed when using this feature.

Security Options:

  • BGAN M2M traffic Control Service – You decide what traffic is able to go in and out of the BGAN M2M Network.
  • BGAN VPN or Private Network – Will make remote devices inaccessible from the internet since they do not have a routable IP address.