M2M Cellular Radio

M2M Cellular Radio


Advanced Remote Monitoring and Control for Industrial M2M

Robust communications platform for telemetry and SCADA to simplify management of remote assets. RS232 and RS485 Serial interfaces, make the M2M Cellular device ideal for industrial applications, such as energy management, intelligent infrastructure and industrial automation.

The M2M Cellular radio is a rugged transparent M2M gateway that provides advanced remote monitoring and control for industrial


  • Applications
  • Embedded intelligence
  • DIN rail enclosure
  • Compact form factor
  • 3x Serial Ports
  • Remote management and configuration
  • Low power consumption
  • Status LEDs

– works on any GSM or CDMA network


  • Reliable network connectivity for mission critical applications
  • Seamless integration with legacy equipment
  • Easy integration into existing DIN enclosures
  • Enables use of alternative power (battery, solar)
  • Simplifies troubleshooting

-Works anywhere there is cellular signals